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Since 2000, we have helped global enterprises establish their presence in Vietnam and introduce products into the market. 


Our customized services aim to speed up market entry and simplify manufacturing operation while minimize risks to brands and transactions. 


For more information, contact:

Phone:  (832) 377 - 0010 



We can assume different role in the relationship between US and Vietnamese enterprises, including representation, support, coordination, distribution or private-label.  Some examples of our services are: 

During planning stage
  • An assessment of product/service potential in Vietnam market

  • A trip, tailored to your needs, for fact-finding excursions and stake-holders discussions in Vietnam.

  • An analysis of Vietnam PEST factors to help you grasp the options and risks of different entry scenarios.  

During establishment stage
  • Recruitment & vetting of partners

  • Establishment of import export workflow and logistics

  • Product registration with appropriate government agencies.

  • Development of applications and case studies. 

  • Development of marketing materials, collateral, and engagement with special attention to Vietnamese cultural values and consumer. 

During growth stage 
  • Training & coaching for top performance.

  • Social marketing.


Nevolvia helped us gain insights into the market potential....enabled us to save many months and potentially years of time and expense.

CEO - Ceriumlabs


We are interested in the following areas:


  • Agro-chemicals - Surfactants, adjuvants, micronutrients, and related technologies used in fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides; with special attention to organic or bio-based products. 

  • Paints and surface preparation - Surfactants, emulsifiers and active ingredients in paints, coatings and corrosion prevention.

  • Water treatement and management -  Chemical and biochemicals that can be used to treat turbid water. 

  • Foods & Foods Safety - Feedstufs, nutraceuticals, ingredients and portable analytical technologies. 

E-mail us at   Please include name, company and email address so we can respond appropriately .



  • Kien Nam Corps -  agrochemical production and distribution. 

  • Bao Ngoc Distribution - food and drinks distribution. 

  • Truc Anh Corp - aquaculture feed and nutraceuticals manufacturer.

  • Peakam USA - chemical import and export

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